There are 5 rules that are strictly non-negotiable:

Rule 1: No Breakfast

This is essential to achieving one of the three aspects of the Nysteia Formula, namely intermittent fasting. Unlimited amounts of black coffee, green tea and water are available to keep the hunger at bay. It is based on the biology of the human condition, and Andrew explains in his book how and why it works.

Rule 2: No Sugar

Sugar and other highly refined carbohydrates were introduced into the western diet several decades ago without even a hint at attempting to test whether it was safe for humans to consume. And it isn’t safe! It has single-handedly been responsible for more death and destruction than anything else on the planet.

Rule 3: No Vegetarians or Vegans

Humans have evolved as omnivores – we have the dentition and digestive processes to prove it. Additionally, there are some essential micronutrients that we can only obtain from red meat, in particular haem iron. Any departure from this has a potentially detrimental effect on overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, Pure is not a hotel and is unable to cater for individual fads. The food that is prepared is from an equal mix of fresh meat, fish, vegetables and dairy.

Rule 4: No Mobile Phones

* No phones or any internet-capable devices.

The invasion of digital devices into the human condition, and in particular ones that allow access to social media, has had a profoundly detrimental effect on brain function, especially the developing brain. It has upset the very delicate balance of dopamine (the pleasure hormone) and serotonin (the happiness hormone). A period of complete abstinence is the only solution to re-establishing the correct balance.

All mobile devices will be left on shore when Pure leaves her mooring. If any devices are found on board, there will be an immediate return to base and you will be put ashore. Digital cameras are permitted but not ones that allow an internet connection.

For emergency purposes, Andrew’s phone is always on standby. Before departure, please ensure that your family and close friends have his number so that you can be contacted in the event of an emergency at home.

Rule 5: No Politicians

Absolutely no explanation is required.