Life aboard Pure is about simplicity and minimalism, not excess.

The ocean is the last vestige of sanctuary. Nowhere else on the planet allows you to reconnect with nature and to the environment in which we have evolved to survive. Even 24 hours on Pure is enough to reset the brain and the body on the path to re-establishing optimal function. You quickly realise how it’s supposed to be. And a week will transform you completely.

Modern-day living, in particular poor food choices and exposure to digital devices have drawn the human body, including the brain, away from its ability to function optimally, which in itself is a function of a survival process that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. A departure from this threatens our very survival.

After Pure leaves her mooring, she does not return to civilisation for the duration of the cruise. Overnight anchorages are in locations that may have no more than one or two other boats.

When aboard Pure there is a strict adherence to the Nysteia Formula, in particular intermittent fasting (IF) and Mediterranean-type cuisine. You will not go hungry – IF does not equate to calorie-restriction! Prior to your cruise, you will be encouraged to read Andrew’s book, The User’s Manual For Your Body, which will explain everything.

You will have unfettered access to Andrew’s vast knowledge and experience about how the body and mind are supposed to function. He will teach you how to stay fit and healthy and how to avoid serious disease.

Andrew is passionate about healthy eating and in addition to your skipper he is executive chef. He will teach you about the importance of using fresh ingredients and he will show you how to prepare wholesome recipes, including fish that has been caught off the boat that day.

An important part of eating healthy food is to have wines that compliment them. Andrew has sourced varietals from local producers ensuring the very best that Australia and New Zealand have to offer.